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What is MCC in Nepal | MCC controversy in Nepal

 What is MCC in Nepal? Introduction of MCC

what is mcc in nepal

Millennium challenge corporation is a US government development agency that is independent very much like USAID. Their mission around the globe is poverty reduction through economic growth.

America's innovation foreign aid agency the millennium challenge corporation is leading the fight against poverty with compassion and generosity and is changing the conversation about how to effectively deliver U.S government assistance by focusing on accountability and results.

In an increasingly connected world, helping the world"s, poor promotes global prosperity and security.

since MCC was created back in 2004 They have provided over 13 billion dollars in compacts or grants to in 37 different compacts or grants to nearly 30 different partner countries including in South and Southeast Asia 

"for too long we've measured our efforts by the dollars we spent and the food and medicines that we delivered but aid alone is not development is helping Nations to actually develop moving from poverty to prosperity and we need more than just a to unleash that change.

we need to harness all the tools that are disposable from our diplomacy to our trade policies" by BARAK OBAMA

How Does MCC select the country?

They select countries using a competitive process we look at how they perform against their peers and the same income.

There are category on 20 different transparent third-party indicators of economic freedom ruling justly and investing in citizens like  

  • agriculture and irrigation
  • transportation (roads, bridges, ports),
  • water supply and sanitation,
  • access to health,
  • finance and enterprise development,
  • anticorruption initiatives,
  • land rights and access,
  • Right to education
  • Anti-corruption 
like the above category, there are 20 categories country has passed in 16 categories out of 20 categories. It means a country is eligible for the Millennium challenge corporation.

what is mcc in nepal

Guided by its founding principles, MCC’s investments have successfully delivered projects that are improving the lives of millions of people around the world
  • Create jobs and expand markets
  • Build a more stable world
  • Promote growth through infrastructure
  • Invest in the next generation
  • Incentivize policy and institutional reform
  • Empower women and girls
  • Increase the capacity of partner governments
  • Give entrepreneurs tools to succeed
  • Lay the groundwork for healthy communities

The MCC (Millenium challenge corporation)  signing done on September 14, 2017, in Washington DC between Nepal and Millennium challenge corporation State Department. 

Under the Nepali Congress, Finance Minister Mr. Gyanendra Bahadur Karki and MCC Acting CEO Mr. Jonathan Nash singed the compact agreement.

Fact about MCC (Millenium challenge corporation)

Fact of What is MCC in Nepal in the view of American
  1. At the request of Nepal's leader, the us government began working with Nepal in 2012 toward the development of an MCC compact.
  2. Every Nepali political party civil society and private sector representatives have expressed a desire to conclude in-country development in the nation.
  3. The MCC project is focused purely on economic development by helping to build power lines and improve the road.
  4. There is no military component to the MCC, in fact, US law prohibits it.
  5. Nepal does not need to "join" or "sign up" for anything in order to participate in the MCC.
  6. The $500 million is a grant with no strings attached, no interest rates, and no hidden clauses. nation has to do is commit to spending the money, transparency, for the projects that have been agreed upon.
  7. Nation proposed and decided which projects MCC will fund in the nation based on national own priorities.
  8. MCC's model requires Nepal to hire Nepalese to lead the implementation of the projects.
  9. MCC project tenders are open, transparent, and available to everyone.
  10. In Nepal as in every country where MCC works, parliamentary ratification is required and provides transparency and an opportunity for Nepalis to understand the project.

Millennium challenge corporation project in Nepal

  1. monitoring and evaluation
  2. Programmer and Administrate
  3. Electricity and transmission project
  4. transportation project 
The total cost of this project is $630 million out of that Nepal has to raise $130 million.
This project must complete within 5 years
  • Maintenance of road around 300 km
  • Plant involves 400 km transmission line
what is mcc in nepal Minister for foreign affairs

What is  MCC in Nepal controversy?

  1. Without permission, the country government has no right to access the project area.
  2. Tax must be free
  3. According to agreement, they going to hire about the equipment and employment in project
  4. Government should not interfere in audit and account
In 2019 American Assistant Secretary of south Asia visit Nepal and said MCC is the internal parts of IPS (info pacific strategy) if the assistant secretary is right then can use American military, economic, and politics in Nepal. 

Which is not good for the two giant neighboring countries.

It is not written that country has to sign the agreement but if the country sign than the Nepalese constitution is not allowed to interfere in the project.

In section 6.8 it is written if a member of MCC has to any mistake or crime than national law is not allowed to touch.

By giving $130 million, Nepal has not allowed to interfere in the project.

Americans have all right in expenses, audits, and project cancellations. Which not good for the country.

The project duration is 5 years. If it is not complete in 5 years than all money will be taken back.

Controversy between political Nepali Congress and ruling party.

Still, there are may controversy regarding agreement (Millenium challenge corporation)

agreement link
         Agreement in English

In my opinion

The country should be clear between MCC and IPS (Indo specific strategy) we cannot make china and India sad by agreement compact.

The project must be under the Nepalese constitution and law. It must be in favor of the nation.

Ok tax will be free but the equipment and employment must be in the present 
of government. 

We all know many countries have developed by compact agreement but we should not forget what happens to Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq so we have to avoid that type our condition in the nation by applying our policy.

Before signing this agreement is should have to discuss in the national forum so the situation of today would not be today.

$500 million is a big amount I think we shouldn't let them go easily because till now the nation hadn't released that much amount for the development.
what is mcc in nepal
Minister for foreign affairs



If today Compact is pass than the controversy mention above will always be there.
If Compact doesn't pass then there will be a problem in diplomatic relations between America and Nepal.

Now this time people should use their knowledge, skill, and courage for the long term business with CHINA and INDIA because we are surrounded by giant nations. 

If you want to read an agreement of compact link is below
        Agreement in English
        Agreement in local language

I hope you all understand what is MCC in Nepal? If you have any suggestions regarding MCC in Nepal please comment below. 

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Why are sherpas helpful in climbing expedition

Climbing mountains provides great life lessons and achievement for Sherpa, you may wonder why Sherpas are helpful in climbing expedition. Sherpa is honestly the biggest human being on the planet and without it, there would be no peak summits.
sherpa helpful in climbing expedition

When you are the tallest, the deepest, the tallest, the fastest, the strongest, then people are affected by anything in the world. It is not a technical mountain, it is just a big mountain.

You are in the Himalayas, in the mountains, you are far away from help. You know, everyone in the world has a lifeguard. Most mountains in the world have mountain rescue.

So effectively, if you get into trouble on the mountain, there is little medical help and that is why there are so many fatalities and so many injuries, especially on Everest and in the region.

In this site, we are going to learn how Sherpa helps people to climb a mountain of height, how they risk their lives, what is the one that needs to climb a mountain.

Mountaineering expedition, Sherpa's life behind mountain climbing.

Who are the Sherpa people

It is an ethnic group of people of Nepal and they have migrated from Tibet. Their name means "Eastern", so they came to the mountains and settled the higher regions of the Himalayas.

sherpa helpful in climbing expedition

They usually lived in high altitude areas which are a part of that area in the Khumb Valley and other high areas of Nepal.

They have their own culture and tradition which is similar to Tibet culture, they have their own food. Mostly nowadays they engage in the guidance of the mountain.

Is sherpa is a job title?

First of all, I have to clarify that Sherpa is not a job title, it is not a position like I have a Sherpa, so I work in the mountains and I lift heavy loads,

Basically, a climber can get the job of climbing a mountain to climb parties carrying weights and equipment.

But Sherpa may also have a job as a dentist or pilot or work at a tea shop or shop in Kathmandu. So Sherpa is not a job title.

Problem in mountain expedition for western people

As you know there are many risks to climb Nepali mountain. If you are ready for a mountain expedition then there are many things to remember

It depends on which mountain you climb. Going to the mountains in the Himalayas can be very difficult 

Snow is hard, some stones are hard, rocks that are not rocky or icy or high in height are less hard.

Oxygen (breath)

While climbing at a height, you will feel that you are short of breath. Sure, you are walking and climbing with a lot of energy, but lack of breath is also due to low oxygen content.

When you talk about climbing a mountain, the oxygen level decreases drastically.  a lot of risks comes.

Transfer materials or things

Usually, trekking and climbing are a minimum of 5 days or more than 5 days and a maximum of 30 days or more than 30 days, depending on the distance of roots.

Between those days you have to move all the necessary things and materials like food, tent, oxygen, equipment, and other essential things.

To move the material you either have to carry it yourself or you can keep a Sherpa as a porter which is expensive and comfortable.


Climbing a mountain without a sherpa guide is a challenge, never think of climbing there are many trekking agencies that provide guides.

It is very difficult to choose the right guide. Sometimes you can get a fresher guide that has not done any practical.

You have to get a question about your guidance so that you can complete the task safely.


Your health should be mentally and physically good while climbing the mountain, you have reached 2, 3 days before trekking so that you can accumulate while trekking.

If you go to high altitude areas there is a possibility of altitude sickness.

If you get into trouble on the mountain, there is little medical help and that is why there are so many fatalities and so many injuries, especially on Everest and in this region.

How sherpas helpful in climbing expedition

Nepal is a beautiful country with a Himalayan wall and the highest mountain in the world and, as a result, it brings people from all over the world.

It is a dangerous place, you are in the Himalayas, in the mountains, you are a long way to help, but here is the Sherpa who helps in your expedition.

sherpa helpful in climbing expedition

Sherpa is the cradle of the Himalayas, where they are associated with mountain climbing, being a mountaineer, it has now become a Sherpa culture.

It is about life and death that shows how Sherpas commit themselves to save their client's life and thus endangering their own lives.

Sherpa prepares a path for the expedition, equipped with ladders and ropes, which they pursue in a maze of snow.

The snowfall in the Everest doctor's foot continued as doctors looked for a safe passage due to the danger of falling into hidden areas

If you are in Everest

Taking care of the oxygen bottle, food, water, and raw chicken and other equipment that has to carry them all is very hard work, it is not easy. It looks easy but it is not easy.

The energy of hard work for everything fixed by rope to cross the snow valley and set up camp at high altitude.
sherpa helpful in climbing expedition

Apart from carrying these heavy loads above the base camp, one of their main tasks is essentially the rearing of human cattle.

Crossing the valley

The most dangerous thing while climbing a mountain is to cross the glacier valley in this situation. Icefall doctor is helpful, rope expert, and sherpa guide.

If the valley is large then sometimes you have to add 2 or 3 ladder Sherpa risks to go first while walking up the ladder is a heartbreaking movement. The depth of the valley is 20 feet to 25 feet or more.

Sloping area

In the sloping area, rope experts help you steady how to tie a rope so that you feel comfortable.

Sometimes you are in the area with a stand-in slope because nowadays in Everest there are a lot of people who want to climb Everest, so you have to wait for a traffic jam.


When you arrive at the base camp, Cookman must be very tired while cooking for you.

Behind the mountain expedition

For climbers who dream of the summit in Nepal have gathered from every corner of the world.

Members of the expedition receive bags that they can use to pack their personal contents and give to Sherpa for transport.

There are many facts behind the mountain expedition in Nepal

Sherpa's life

As you know how dangerous the mountain expedition is. Many Sherpas do not want their son to work in the mountain expedition. Many Sherpas are interested in climbing one for many and very few.

Many Sherpas still suffer from the fact that he never received an education, he has to bear the responsibility for the family as soon as he can afford it.
sherpa helpful in climbing expedition

He earns from campaigns that allow him to send his daughters to the schools in the city area, they hope that their children's lives will improve and perhaps we will be able to go abroad as well.

Many of these people don't really want to do this job. They do this because a river of money flows from their villages and the only way to get it is to jump to Everest and follow it.

Fatal while climbing

Due to inclement weather, avalanche-prone areas, and steep climbing slopes, the main reasons are exposure to cold.

There are many technically difficult sections on the route, sometimes you have to walk under unbalanced ice walls and sera that can come down at any time.

There are many avalanche prone sections on the higher area, some difficult sections where many climbers have died trying to cross them

There is a rock climbing section that can fall at any time. The climber has to walk. Some of the most rare in the Nepal Mountains. 




Fatale rate


Mt. Everest

Nepal and china




Cho Oyu











Central Nepal




Mt. Annapurna 1

Gandaki zone





Nepal and India










Tibet and Nepal



Sherpa superhuman

Sherpa Supernatural
Sherpas have most evolved to become supernatural climbers famous for their skills as mountaineers on the Himalayan peaks.

The sherpas hold the record for the fastest and most ascending. We have seen that Sherpa people and other related groups in Tibet have lower red blood cell counts.
sherpa helpful in climbing expedition

Compared to European or other Terai people, which means they have less oxygen in our blood than we do.

It is suspected that Sherpa cells were somehow used so that less oxygen was available to them.

As expected doctors found Sherpa's mitochondria more efficient in using oxygen.
Sherpa muscle, energy reserves actually increased at altitude despite lack of oxygen.

internal link

Sherpa holding record

Yes, there are many sherpas who hold the record in mountain expedition. how many times sherpa climb Everest?  
sherpa helpful in climbing expedition
kami Rita sherpa

sherpas helpful in climbing expedition, here we going to look at some sherpa that holds the record.




Tenzing Norgay Sherpa

First Nepal man to reach on Everest in 1953


Pemba Dorje Sherpa

Speed climber ( Duration 8hr 10min on Everest)

 ( In 10 days 3 times attempt on Everest)


Phurba Tashi sherpa

21 times on Everest


Apa Sherpa



Lakhapa Sherpa

Nepal first lady to climb on Everest 9 times


Nima Jangmu sherpa

First Nepali women climb three highest peaks in a single season.


Kami Rita Sherpa

24 times attempt on Everest


Pasang Lhamu Sherpa

First Nepali lady to climb on Everest in1993

The conclusion

Do not underestimate Sherpa work.
This kind of work is a climb. Sherpa is more dangerous than a pedestrian in Iraq. Being an Alaska Bush pilot is dangerous instead

Sherpa is the backbone of any Himalayan expedition, it is impossible to imagine anyone without Sherpa's expert assistance

They make it possible that it has been suggested that genetically they have more lung capacity than normal people, with this type of ability being helpful in climbing the mountain expedition.

This may help explain their ability to climb to great heights and the fact that most Sherpas are living breathers and eat above 10,000 feet.

This is due to the Sherpa climbers and the climbers of the rescue team can reach the summit and return alive in this way Sherpas helpful in climbing expedition.

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Is Nepal in India | Nepal land area

Is Nepal in India, well a lot of people don't know where is Nepal, they know mount Everest but they don't know Nepal?  they know Gautam buddha by they don't know Nepal?

In the world map, you cannot see the country properly you need a couple of minutes to search for a country on the world map.
Is Nepal in india

Most of the people think that Nepal land area is the part of India or the Indian government ruling nation, but that is not true. 

Yeah, Indian is trying to take control in Nepal but they haven't succeeded yet

You are still thinking if the country is not in India then it must be part of china well that is also not true.

In this blog you will be going to study about the history of Nepal, where does country exactly located, country before the Indian independence, and why it is not part of India.

how much part India occupy of Nepal land area, what was the modern Nepal.

Why people think Nepal is in India or china

In the world, people easily recognize the country by their faces but people unable to recognize the Nepalese people. because Nepalese people have two faces Aryan and Mongolian face.

if the face is Aryan than it must be Indian and some other country, if the face is Mongolian than it must be Chinese or another Asian country
Is Nepal in india

Is Nepal in India or china Many of the foreigners don't know where the nation is? 

If they try to search on the map they think it is one of the Indian states and some say it is part of China?

still, there is a question why it so

By religious factor

all know that the majority religion of India is Hindu and china is Buddhism well Nepal is a mixture of both religions Hindu and Buddhism.

Yeah, the majority religion of Nepal is Hindu but it is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha so it treated equally to Buddhism as Hindu

In this country, if people go to the temple they also go to stupa for a blessing because in this nation culture connects Hindu and Buddhist each other.

As a similar religion, their cultures also have few similarities. If there is a Hindu festival both countries celebrate the festival. If there is a Buddhist festival this also celebrate by both countries

By geographic factor

Nepal is a beautiful country it's located between two gain nation China and India, 

9.597 million km²
147,516 km²
3.287 million km²

you can calculate yourself how small is this country

You can see how small is Nepal in size by looking at this, people think the nation is the part of India or china.

The country is divided into three regions at the north Himalayan region in the middle Hilly region and plain land called the Terai region.

The majority of terai people are Hindu their culture is similar to India, and the majority of the Himalayan region are Buddhists and their culture is similar to China.

in Asia, India is claiming that Gautam Buddha was born in India and they are capturing the Nepal land area and there is a dispute in border and china claiming that mt. Everest is in china.

India and Nepal both country share open border

Between two giant nations, Nepal is unable to identify itself in the world.

History of Nepal (formation)

Many rulers from different origins at different times ruled the sacred land. ancient time history of Nepal is divided into three different rulings 
  • Kirat periods
  • Licchavi periods
  • Malla periods

Kirat ruling

first one was Kirat period, before the Kirat period there were Gopal people with the cow heard and Maheshpal people with buffalo heard have they are stated in Nepal

However, the Gopal dynasty and the Maheshpal dynasty are not taken as a proven ancient ruler of the nation.

Kirat people start living in Nepal almost 2500 years ago, it is said they came from mid-Asia and India Himalaya's first king of Kirat dynasty was Yalamber.
Is Nepal in India
Oldest photo of Nepal

Licchavi ruling

Then Licchavi period started from 400 year AD then 750 year AD Licchavi king ruled in Kathmandu the current capital of Nepal

According to Kautilya economic and travel dairy of Chinese traveler, wu hang shy. some brave warrior ran away from Vaishali of India to replace the Kiratis and started their region.

Mandev was the first king of the Licchavi dynasty, Anshu Verma, Jaya Devi is the famous king who brought many great reforms in Nepal.

Malla ruling

And the Malla period golden era of Nepalese ancient history Malla dynasty was the ruling dynasty of Nepal from 1201 AD to 1769 AD the Malla means wrestling in Sanskrit.

The first of the  Malla king came to power in Kathmandu valley around 1200 AD the Malla period was a golden one that stretches over 600-year AD. Though it was prepared with fighting over the valuable trade route.

After the Malla dynasty, king, Prithvi Narayan Shah from Gorkha conquer the valley 1768 AD and began the unification of the country 

that gave the face of modern great Nepal currently nation has become federal democratic.

internal link

Is Nepal in India or china

What you think guys where does  Nepal exactly located. First of all, I want to clear that nation is neither part of India nor China.

It is a country located in Asia between China and India. country has its own unique culture and tradition and its presentation.

It has its own law and currency, you need a Nepali visa to enter Nepal.

GPS coordinates of NepalLatitude: 28.3974 Longitude: 84.1258.

Nepal before the east India company

is Nepal in India Before Prithvi Narayan shah initiated his unification campaign

In 1774 what we call today Nepal was roughly about 53 petty different states his knowledge of history and mythological stories.
‌is nepal in india
Before unification of Nepal

Inspired him to the unification campaign all the people countrymen and brave soldiers supported him without whom he would not succeed. 

This campaign seeing these petty states  Prithvi Narayan shah's desire to reunify them into a single kingdom which was torn apart into 53 states during the time of the last rulers of the Licchavi period to the far west.

unification of great Nepal

There was Bayes Rajya (22 states) and to the midwest was Chaubisi Rajya (24  states) to the center was Kantipur Patan and Bhaktapur 

In the east side part of Chaubese Rajya was  Makwanpur Chaudandi and Vijayapur Gorkha. 

Prithvi Narayan shah started the unification campaign from the state  Prithvi Narayan shah ascended the throne of Gorkha on the third of April  1743 he unified about half the 24 states. 

The entire  Kathmandu valley around the present capital Kathmandu and additional states further east before dying on 1775  annexation.

The rest of the twenty-four state was under his son Pratap Singh Shah and grandson Rana Bhadur shah.

22 states was a former group of petty kingdom centered in the Karnali-Bheri river basin of  Modern Nepal.

The states were sovereign but intermittently allied among themselves until annexed during the unification of modern Nepal. 
Is nepal in india
After the unification

From 1744 to 1810 AD the nation's founder Prithvi Narayan shah did not live to see this but his son and grandson annexed the entire collection by the end of the eighteenth century.

Prithvi Narayan shah unified small states and how his son and grandson continued his campaign to form a present  Nepal.  

Here Nepal's territory but was stripped off by British east India company signing Sugauli treaty 

Why Nepal is not part of India

When it comes to the history of Nepal, the country was never ruled by the British or any other country.

At one time, the shah rulers in the nation went on war with the British, but this was before the establishment of British raj in India. So, it had less impact on the politics of Nepal.

Later, the  British conquest of India in the nineteenth century posed a serious threat to Nepal,

they expected to be another victim and with no alternative left, they sought an accommodation with the British to preserve its independence. 

This was accomplished by Rana family rulers after 1860, on terms that were mutually acceptable.  

Under this alliance, Kathmandu permitted recruitment of Nepalese for the Gurkha units in the British and Indian army, and also accepted  British guidance on foreign policy.

In exchange, the British guaranteed the Rana authorities of Nepal against both foreign and domestic enemies and allowed it's virtual autonomy in domestic affairs. 

And this mutually beneficial stance was further developed, and lead to the formation of the Nepal, Britain treaty of 1923. 

The first treaty between  Nepal and Britain to be recorded in the league of nations. 

The treaty made clear the international status of Nepal, the treaty declared the country as an independent, and sovereign nation.  

So, historically Nepal became an independent nation before the formation of India, which in contrast, was done by the merging of different princely states, which were under the British at that time. 

 As a landlocked country, which shares borders with both India and China, even after 1947, 

Nepal was careful in maintaining a balanced relationship with both India, as well as China, in order to eliminate any minute chance of annexation by either of these countries. 

India occupy the Nepal land area

The most unfair and discriminatory results of Anglo Nepal war and it was Sugauli treaty

The Treaty of Sugauli was signed between the Government of Nepal and the East India Company in 1815, after the Anglo-Nepal War, 

The Treaty of Peace and Friendship was popularized as the Treaty of Sugauli 1815

Lieutenant Colonel P. Bradshaw on behalf of the East India Company on 2 December 1815 by Gajaraj Misha and Chandrasekhar Upadhyay on behalf of the Government of Nepal. 

The terms of the treaty were as follows

The treaty was for many things but we are going to talk about occupy land only.

The King of Nepal would waive all claims that were the subject of discussion between the two states before the war and would accept the company's authority for the sovereignty of those lands
Is nepal in india

The king of Nepal will implement the East India Company in all previously mentioned territories 
  • first part between Kali and Rapti river
  • The second part of the lowland between Rapti and Gandaki except Butwal
  • The entire area of the lowland area between Gandaki and Koshi which has the right of East India Company
  • The fourth part of the lowlands between the Mechi to the Teesta River
In fact, this Treaty of Sugauli was in favor of the East India Company in Nepal and it suffered a great loss of its territory.

The Nepalese were very dissatisfied with this treaty, so later an agreement was reached on 8 December 1816 

full detail of Sugauli treaty

According to which Nepal land area received the Terai the entire area of the lowland between.
  •  No.1 Rapti and Gandaki
  •  No. 2 Gandaki and Koshi
Is Nepal in India

later the remaining part of Western terai Banky Bardia Kailai and Kanchanpur were annexed to Nepal at the time of  Jung Bahadur Rana after helping the  British to demolish the revolt of 1860  in India

The same thing happen in hong kong When British left hong kong they handed over to China.

But in the case of Nepal are unable to take back their own land. India occupy many Nepal land area.

Present land dispute between India and Nepal

Border dispute means a dispute between two nations on the south side of the country, we can see more encroachment is Nepal in India.

after the independence of India in 1947, they started to increase border territory.

Encroachment increase in Dashgaha (10 yard) due to the increase of population in India deforestation happen in Nepal jungle or bush by Indian

Even the border pillar is also not found.

Country become democracy lately when democracy established in 2007 BS in Nepal

Then the encroachment started to increase in the area of Kalapana, Limpiyadhura, and Susta
and the Indian people increased encroachment by deforestation the Nepalese jungle

There are many other border areas India has captured of the Nepal land area.

Thing make Nepal different from India

There are many things that make Nepal different from India since both countries have the same religion majority but there are little thing that makes different.

The country is known as the Himalayan nation and the highest peak in the world on the north side of Nepal there is a wall of the mountain.

Country have different flag then the world and unique Nepal flag with two triangle it represent Nepal in the world.

Is Nepal in India

The country has its own culture and the world is admired by the Nepalese culture and people are very friendly compared to others.

Though they share an open border but Nepal has its own government, currency, law, rule, and regulation.

Though these are the few differences there are still a lot of things that make a difference between the two countries.

What thing represent Nepal in the world

There are many things that represent the Nepal some of them are as follow
  • mt.everest world highest peak
  • Lumbini birthplace of Gautam buddha
  • wall of mountain nation eight highest peak
  • sherpa Himalayan citizen
  • Nepalese culture and cuisine
  • Janaki temple birthplaces of Sita Mata
  • Kathmandu temple ancient heritage site
  • National park one horn rhino 
  • world unique flag and its shape
  • Gurkha army


By reading this article I think you came to know that Nepal is not part of India or any other country.
it is a signal nation.

I don't why India showing their power to the small nation, nation who love peace

Before  British raj, Nepal land area was so big

Before they were a good friend but now the India Nepal relationship is worse day by day. 

 We as a citizen of both countries should force to government find out the peaceful solution.

If you still think is Nepal in India read full article slowly.  

so guys what you think comment below so that I can clear you question and your thought.